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Latte Art and Cool Music

Latte Art Competition at Zoka Coffee

Last night I had the privileged of a new experience. As a DJ this happens a lot. There is always something new to explore and see with my own eyes. This happened last night at Zoka Coffee in Greenlake Seattle. Where 30 competitors go head to head in the efforts to move on in a tournament style (with brackets and everything) latte pouring, foam art designing, smooth operating, steady hand competition. These were the areas top barista artists, in which they come together once a year in a friendly but very competitive who's who in the coffee biz. With Owner Jeff as the head judge whom happens to have international experience on the judging platform. He has seen and judge the top Latte Art from all over the world. What I'm saying is he knows his stuff. As important as he is in this industry he managed to keep a fun atmosphere and welcomed artist from all over the city to give their best Latte Art. Sparing no expense, fed the competitors and friends tons of local pizza and of course some very trendy micro brew from a local brewery who happens to share loft where they brew and Zoka roasts.

Where does a DJ fit in to all this? you ask... Well what fun is a Latte art competition without great music and a cool vibe. It is not always about the dance floor. Though there is nothing like being able to instigate a party and packing the dance floor. Sometimes it's the DJ's job to create a vibe. A vibe in which the group in this case competitors, can explore and reach the depth's and new limits in their own creativity. The vibe was cool and still very energetic. With hits from the talking heads, Rolling Stones, Stereo MC's to even Us3. I will admit I even through in some Katy Perry and yes I saw the few hipsters that had a problem with it. (No regrets)...

There is nothing like being responsible for a good time.

DJ Stephen the Stylist

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